WinInet Component Suite

WinInet Component Suite

TInetConnection TInetSession TInetFtp TInetHttp TInetUrl TInetCookie
WinInet Component Suite demo example
Delphi and C++ Builder components to enable applications interact with FTP, and HTTP/HTTPS protocols to access Internet resources.
  • FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols supported
  • well suited for accessing REST services
  • uses standard Windows WinINet API
  • available for Delphi/C++ Builder 5 - 11 and Lazarus 2.0.12
  • source code included in registered version
  • royalty free distribution

Download and order

Order WinInet Component Suite $80,- USD (license for one developer)
Order WinInet multilicense $240,- USD (license for all developers in company)
Order WinInet year upgrades $40,- USD (registered users only)
Order WinInet year upgrades multilicense $120,- USD (registered multilicense users only)


How can I obtain redirected url?
Use INetHttp.OnCallback event:
procedure TForm.INetHttpCallback(Sender: TObject; Status: Integer; Information: Pointer; InformationLength: Integer);
    ShowMessage('Redirect to ' + PAnsiChar(Information));
How can I obtain complete response headers?
How can I avoid "Error 12152: The server returned an invalid or unrecognized response" when using HTTPS protocol?
Set flSecure flag in INetHttp.Flags property.

How can I avoid "400 Bad Request - The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port" when using HTTPS protocol?
Set flSecure flag in INetHttp.Flags property.

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