JRO Component Suite

JRO JetEngine JRO Replica JRO Filter
JRO Component Suite demo example
Delphi and C++Builder components for creating, modifying and synchronizing replicas using JRO (Jet and Replication Objects).
JRO Component Suite is part of Adonis Component Suite.
  • uses Microsoft JRO library
  • provides direct access to JRO objects
  • available for Delphi/C++Builder 5 - 12 and Lazarus 2.2.6
  • source code included in registered version
  • distributing components in applications is royalty free

Download and order

Order JRO Component Suite $35 USD (license for one developer)
Order JRO Component Suite multi-license $105 USD (license for all developers in company)
Order JRO Component Suite year upgrades $20 USD (registered users only)
Order JRO Component Suite year upgrades multi-license $60 USD (registered multi-license users only)

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