Bluetooth Library for Android

Delphi and C++ Builder Bluetooth library for Android.
  • uses Android Bluetooth API
  • supports BLE clients
  • available for Delphi/C++ Builder 10.1 - 10.4
  • source code included in registered version
  • royalty free distribution in applications

Library API

  GattSuccess = ;

  TAdapterScanMode = (None, Connectable, Discoverable);

  TAdapterState = (Off, On, TurningOff, TurningOn);

  TBondState = (None, Bonding, Bonded);

  TConnectionPriority = (Balanced, High, LowPower);

  TDeviceClass = (Unknown,
    // AudioVideo
    Camcorder, CarAudio, Handsfree, Headphones, HifiAudio, Loudspeaker,
    Microphone, PortableAudio, SetTopBox, UncategorizedAudioVideo,
    VCR, VideoCamera, VideoConferencing, VideoDisplayAndLoudspeaker,
    VideoGamingToy, VideoMonitor, WearableHeadset,
    // Computer
    Desktop, HandheldPcPda, Laptop, PalmSizePcPda, Server,
    UncategorizedComputer, Wearable,
    // Health
    BloodPressure, DataDisplay, Glucose, PulseOximeter, PulseRate,
    Thermometer, UncategorizedHealth, Weighing,
    // Phone
    Cellular, Cordless, ISDN, ModemOrGateway, Smart, UncategorizedPhone,
    // Toy
    Controller, DollActionFigure, Game, Robot, UncategorizedToy, Vehicle,
    // Wearable
    Glasses, Helmet, Jacket, Pager, UncategorizedWearable, WristWatch);

  TDeviceMajorClass = (Unknown, AudioVideo, Computer, Health, Imaging,
    Misc, Networking, Peripheral, Phone, Toy, Uncategorized, Wearable);

  TDeviceType = (Unknown, Classic, LE, Dual);

  TPermission = (Read, ReadEncrypted, ReadEncryptedMITM, Write, WriteEncrypted,
    WriteEncrptedMITM, WriteSigned, WriteSignedMITM);

  TPermissions = set of TPermission;

  TProperty = (Broadcast, ExtendedProperties, Indicate, Notify, Read,
    SignedWrite, Write, WriteNoResponse);

  TProperties = set of TProperty;

  TProfileState = (Disconnected, Connected, Disconnecting, Connecting);

  TScanError = (AlreadyStarted, RegistrationFailed, UnsupportedFeature, InternalError);

  TScanMode = (LowPower, LowLatency, Balanced);

  TServiceType = (Primary, Secondary);

  TTransport = (Auto, BREDR, LE);

  TWriteType = (Default, NoResponse, Signed);

  TGattAssignment = record
    Name: string;
    Number: Word;

  EBluetoothException = class(Exception);

  TBluetoothManager = class
    property Adapter: TBluetoothAdapter read;
    property Manager: JBluetoothManager read;
    property Supported: Boolean read;

  TLeScanEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Device: TBluetoothDevice; RSSI: Integer; const ScanRecord: TBytes) of object;

  TBluetoothAdapter = class
    procedure FlushLeScan;
    procedure RequestEnabled;
    procedure StartLeScan(ScanMode: TScanMode = TScanMode.LowPower; ReportDelay: Integer = 0);
    procedure StopLeScan;

    function GetRemoteDevice(const Address: string): TBluetoothDevice;
    function GetRemoteDevice(const Address: TBytes): TBluetoothDevice;

    property Adapter: JBluetoothAdapter read;
    property BatchingSupported: Boolean read;
    property BluetoothName: string read write;
    property BondedDevices: TBluetoothDevices read;
    property Enabled: Boolean read write;
    property ScanMode: TAdapterScanMode read;
    property State: TAdapterState read;

    property OnLeScan: TLeScanEvent read write;
    property OnLeScanBatch: TLeScanBatchEvent read write;
    property OnLeScanFailed: TLeScanFailedEvent read write;
    property OnLeScanResult: TLeScanResultEvent read write;
    property OnStateChanged: TNotifyEvent read write;

  TCharacteristicChangedEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Characteristic: TBluetoothGattCharacteristic) of object;
  TCharacteristicReadEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Status: Integer; Characteristic: TBluetoothGattCharacteristic) of object;
  TCharacteristicWriteEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Status: Integer; Characteristic: TBluetoothGattCharacteristic) of object;
  TConnectionStateChangeEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Status: Integer; NewState: TProfileState) of object;
  TDescriptorReadEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Status: Integer; Descriptor: TBluetoothGattDescriptor) of object;
  TDescriptorWriteEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Status: Integer; Descriptor: TBluetoothGattDescriptor) of object;
  TMtuChangedEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Status: Integer; MTU: Integer) of object;
  TReadRemoteRssiEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Status: Integer; RSSI: Integer) of object;
  TReliableWriteCompletedEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Status: Integer) of object;
  TServicesDiscoveredEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Status: Integer) of object;

  TBluetoothDevice = class
    procedure ConnectGatt(AutoConnect: Boolean = False; Transport: TTransport = TTransport.Auto);
    procedure CloseGatt;
    procedure CreateBond;

    property Address: string read;
    property BondState: TBondState read;
    property Device: JBluetoothDevice read;
    property DeviceClass: TDeviceClass read;
    property DeviceName: string read;
    property DeviceType: TDeviceType read;
    property Gatt: TBluetoothGatt read;
    property MajorClass: TDeviceMajorClass read;

    property OnBondStateChanged: TNotifyEvent read write;
    property OnCharacteristicChanged: TCharacteristicChangedEvent read write;
    property OnCharacteristicRead: TCharacteristicReadEvent read write;
    property OnCharacteristicWrite: TCharacteristicWriteEvent read write;
    property OnConnectionStateChange: TConnectionStateChangeEvent read write;
    property OnDescriptorRead: TDescriptorReadEvent read write;
    property OnDescriptorWrite: TDescriptorWriteEvent read write;
    property OnMtuChanged: TMtuChangedEvent read write;
    property OnReadRemoteRssi: TReadRemoteRssiEvent read write;
    property OnReliableWriteCompleted: TReliableWriteCompletedEvent read write;
    property OnServicesDiscovered: TServicesDiscoveredEvent read write;

  TBluetoothGatt = class
    procedure AbortReliableWrite;
    procedure BeginReliableWrite;
    procedure Close;
    procedure Connect;
    procedure DisableNotifications(Characteristic: TBluetoothGattCharacteristic; SetDescriptor: Boolean = True);
    procedure Disconnect;
    procedure DiscoverServices;
    procedure EnableNotifications(Characteristic: TBluetoothGattCharacteristic; SetDescriptor: Boolean = True);
    procedure ExecuteReliableWrite;
    function GetService(AssignedNumber: Word): TBluetoothGattService;
    function GetService(UUID: TGUID): TBluetoothGattService;
    procedure Read(Characteristic: TBluetoothGattCharacteristic);
    procedure Read(Descriptor: TBluetoothGattDescriptor);
    procedure ReadRemoteRSSI;
    procedure RequestConnectionPriority(Priority: TConnectionPriority);
    procedure RequestMTU(MTU: Integer);
    procedure Write(Characteristic: TBluetoothGattCharacteristic);
    procedure Write(Descriptor: TBluetoothGattDescriptor);

    property Gatt: JBluetoothGatt read;
    property Services: TBluetoothGattServices read;

  TBluetoothGattService = class
      GenericAccessService = ;

      Assignments: array [..] of TGattAssignment =
        (Name: 'Generic Access'; Number: GenericAccessService),

    function GetCharacteristic(AssignetNumber: Word): TBluetoothGattCharacteristic;
    function GetCharacteristic(UUID: TGUID): TBluetoothGattCharacteristic;

    property AssignedNumber: Word read;
    property GattService: JBluetoothGattService read;
    property Characteristics: TBluetoothGattCharacteristics read;
    property IncludedServices: TBluetoothGattServices read;
    property InstanceId: Integer read;
    property ServiceName: string read;
    property ServiceType: TServiceType read;
    property UUID: TGUID read;

  TBluetoothGattCharacteristic = class
      AerobicHeartRateLowerLimit = ;

      Assignments: array [..] of TGattAssignment =
        (Name: 'Aerobic Heart Rate Lower Limit'; Number: AerobicHeartRateLowerLimit),

    function GetDescriptor(AssignedNumber: Word): TBluetoothGattDescriptor;
    function GetDescriptor(UUID: TGUID): TBluetoothGattDescriptor;

    function GetInt8Value(Offset: Integer = 0): Int8;
    function GetInt16Value(Offset: Integer = 0): Int16;
    function GetInt32Value(Offset: Integer = 0): Int32;
    function GetInt64Value(Offset: Integer = 0): Int64;
    function GetUInt8Value(Offset: Integer = 0): UInt8;
    function GetUInt16Value(Offset: Integer = 0): UInt16;
    function GetUInt32Value(Offset: Integer = 0): UInt32;
    function GetUInt64Value(Offset: Integer = 0): UInt64;
    function GetFloat32(Offset: Integer = 0): Float32;
    function GetFloat64(Offset: Integer = 0): Float64;
    function GetStringValue(Offset: Integer = 0): string;

    procedure SetInt8Value(Value: Int8; Offset: Integer = 0);
    procedure SetInt16Value(Value: Int16; Offset: Integer = 0);
    procedure SetInt32Value(Value: Int32; Offset: Integer = 0);
    procedure SetInt64Value(Value: Int64; Offset: Integer = 0);
    procedure SetUInt8Value(Value: UInt8; Offset: Integer = 0);
    procedure SetUInt16Value(Value: UInt16; Offset: Integer = 0);
    procedure SetUInt32Value(Value: UInt32; Offset: Integer = 0);
    procedure SetUInt64Value(Value: UInt64; Offset: Integer = 0);
    procedure SetFloat32(Value: Float32; Offset: Integer = 0);
    procedure SetFloat64(Value: Float64; Offset: Integer = 0);
    procedure SetStringValue(const Value: string);

    property AssignedNumber: Word read;
    property CharacteristicName: string read;
    property GattCharacteristic: JBluetoothGattCharacteristic read;
    property Descriptors: TBluetoothGattDescriptors read;
    property InstanceId: Integer read;
    property Permissions: TPermissions read;
    property Properties: TProperties read;
    property Service: TBluetoothGattService read;
    property UUID: TGUID read;
    property Value: TBytes read write;
    property WriteType: TWriteType read write;

  TBluetoothGattDescriptor = class
      CharacteristicAggregateFormat = ;

      Assignments: array [..] of TGattAssignment =
        (Name: 'Characteristic Aggregate Format'; Number: CharacteristicAggregateFormat),

    property AssignedNumber: Word read;
    property Characteristic: TBluetoothGattCharacteristic read;
    property DescriptorName: string read;
    property GattDescriptor: JBluetoothGattDescriptor read;
    property Indication: Boolean read write;
    property Notification: Boolean read write;
    property Permissions: TPermissions read;
    property Value: TBytes read write;
    property UUID: TGUID read;

  TScanResult = class
    property Device: TBluetoothDevice read;
    property RSSI: Integer read;
    property ScanResult: JScanResult read;
    property Timestamp: Int64 read;

  BaseUUID: TGUID = '{00000000-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB}';

  TResultProc = reference to procedure();

function ApiVersion: Integer;
procedure Check(Value: Boolean; const Message: string);

procedure RequestPermission(const OnPermissionGranted, OnPermissionDenied: TResultProc;
  OnDisplayRationale: TDisplayRationaleProc = nil);

function LocationEnabled: Boolean;

function ValidAddress(const BluetoothAddress: string): Boolean;

function ToGUID(Value: JUUID): TGUID;
function ToJUUID(Value: TGUID): JUUID;

function ToGUID(AssignedNumber: Word): TGUID;
function ToJUUID(AssignedNumber: Word): JUUID;

function ToAssignedNumber(Value: JUUID): Word;
function ToAssignedNumber(Value: TGUID): Word;

function ToByteArray(JavaArray: TJavaArray): TArray;
function ToJavaByteArray(ByteArray: TArray): TJavaArray;

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How can I determine format type of charactestics value?
Use Characteristic Presentation Format descriptor

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